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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Standing Up

This week has been insane and it is only Thursday.  People are and should be screaming from the streets.  But this is more than injustice and wrongful police conduct.

Lawyers are in a unique position to protect and represent others.  If we give that away and fail to do our jobs, we allow a gaping hole to take hold in the fabric of society.  It is important to think about the actions that we can take to prevent further atrocities and blatant wrongs from occurring.  The answer has been, and always will be, hitting the purse.  That is the place of the civil lawsuit, not only making the client whole, but correcting a wrong and hopefully preventing further wrongs.

Moreover, I have seen one of the largest atrocities occur on a regular basis: the lack of proper representation in both the civil and criminal arenas.  When it comes to protecting an individual’s basic civil rights, it is the duty of all attorneys to fight like hell.  Yet, too many push a guilty plea or settlement when no guilt can be proven or no value has been received.   

A voice without action is lost in the wind.  As the Torah states: action holds primacy; doing surpasses speaking.  Social media may give us a voice, but doing something with it is what matters.  Every time we accept a wrong, we make it worse for the next person.

I take my obligations very seriously; I love what I do.  In either a criminal or civil matter, you cannot let things slide for the sake of civility – you must give it everything you have, every time. You must stand up for each and every Civil Right. That is what I do, every time with every client.

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