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Friday, July 22, 2016

Aggressive Change

Perhaps now, more than ever, a revitalization and zeal regarding our Civil Rights is needed.  This week alone, multiple clients contacted me regarding egregious and wrongful police conduct.  Moreover, none of these wrongs will make the news.  They are simply too small in scale because, no one was killed or shot.  At this point, to be news worthy, a black man must be shot while laying down on his back with his hands in the air.  Simply put: that is insane. 

Change happens when people pay attention; you engage and push past preconceived notions and ideas. When there is an understanding that the new normal is simply not normal or acceptable.  

How Can You Make a Change?

This new normal requires a new strategy.  There are a multitude of social movements, such as Black Lives Matter and “I Ain’t Voting.”  However, these movements are only one prong of the solution.  Bringing a Civil Rights case for your wrong is fundamental to making a stand. 

How Will Bringing a Civil Rights Case Make a Difference?

When you file a Civil Rights lawsuit, you force engagement.  Almost immediately, there are now at least four more people/entities who are involved in your rights: (1) your attorney; (2) the entity and/or person you are suing; (3) the defense attorney; and (4) the judge. 

The courtroom is the place to bring change to hearts and minds.  The jury, a captive audience, listens to your claims via an experienced Civil Rights lawyer.  It is in the courtroom that Civil Rights are defined and illuminated.  Of course, this is true in Criminal matters as well.  The bringing and winning of a Civil Rights claim brings about swift change – if not just the wallet of the wrongful party.  People care when their purse is at stake.

When you stand up for yourself, you stand up for everyone.

If you, or someone you know has had their Civil Rights violated contact The Law Office of Jacob Z. Weinstein, PLLC for experience and strength.


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