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Friday, August 12, 2016

Get Fired Up

              You have been wronged; embarrassed; the very essence of your being is telling you “this is not right!” Your rights have been violated - get fired up !

What do you do?

              Do something! If you do nothing you have accomplished nothing.  You will have allowed a wrong to continue and for the world to maintain the status quo.  If you do nothing, the best you will get for yourself is the “can you believe this” story.  The story we all have heard at one point or another.  Often, it is a story we end up telling others.  If you do nothing, you do not win and you do not lose. You do not change a thing.

What can you do?

              First, ask yourself: what is the “something” that I want.  There are many venues in which you can do something about being wronged.  Of course, there is governmental intervention.  However, people forget that when you go deal exclusively with the government one important thing happens: you lose control over the case: it becomes the Government v. John Doe.

              In tandem with going to the government, you can bring your own lawsuit. 

Will Bringing a Lawsuit do Anything?

              When you do something, you act for everyone.  By going to an experienced and passionate lawyer, you can determine if you have a valid lawsuit to bring.  Once that determination is made, the process may start.  The lawsuit can be structured to meet your goals and focus on your wants.  Most importantly, you will need an empathetic and strong attorney to represent you.  Someone who will be just as fired up as you are over the wrong you suffered.  You want a lawyer who cares AND can do something about it.  This requires you to trust the lawyer and to believe that the lawyer is working for you and your wants. 

There are no guarantees in any kind of court action, however you will have some control over what happens with the case.  You will possibly recover in ways that a governmental action would not allow.  You will be doing something to directly address the wrong you have suffered. 

Who Do I Pick to Represent me?

A Strong Lawyer is the Best Lawyer

              There is a school of thought that believes that lawyers should be deferential to each other.  However, I believe that this is an adversarial arena.  Deference is important only as so far as it is beneficial to my client.  Passion, knowledge, and strength are what allow me to properly represent your interest in a case.  When you are fired up about the wrong you have suffered, don’t you want a representative who understands that? Who wants to fight for your every right?  I think the answer is a resounding yes.  A passionate and dedicated client is great match with a passionate and dedicated lawyer.


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