What does litigation entail?

What kind of litigation do you practice?

In what way can I be made whole again?

How do I know if I have good case?

What are some if the costs involved?

Should I Sue?

Q: What does litigation entail?

The term “litigation” is a generic term used for bringing a lawsuit.  the term "litigation" is  generally used to describe proceedings initiated between two parties when one person or entity has caused a harm or wrong to another person or entity.  Litigation involves everything from writing a demand letter to trial and beyond.  

When considering bringing a lawsuit you need to have a strong and experienced trial attorney.  Because litigation is such a generic term, many attorneys call themselves litigators and have never been to trial.  You know the strength of your case based upon how it will stand at trial.  This does not mean that you will got to trail in every case.  Rather, it means that you need to have bite to the bark of the lawsuit. 

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Q: What kind of litigation do you practice?

First and foremost I am a trial attorney.  I am here to help you be made whole again; to protect your rights; to be your sword and shield.  My background and experience allow me to be hard hitting and goal oriented.  You will be represented with strength and zeal.  I will give you an honest and no-nonsense evaluation of the merits and pitfalls of your case.  

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Q: In what way can I be made whole again?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the following remedies, among others,  may be available to you if you prevail in your action:

  • Compensatory Damages
    • Money damages to reimburse you for financial losses incurred as a direct result of the breach or tort.
  • Punitive Damages
    • Money damages awarded with the intention of punishing the party who acted in an offensive manner in an effort to deter others from engaging in the same wrongdoing.
  • Specific Performance  - A court order requiring a party to perform as set forth in the contract

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Q: How do I know if I have good case?

As a serious, no nonsense professional, I will be candid and direct about your case.  An experienced and knowledgeable attorney will give you an honest opinion about your claims and the likelihood of success. Contact me for a confidential consultation as to the strengths are weaknesses of your case. 



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Q: What are some if the costs involved?

Each case is different as to the costs and fees involved.  Many forms of litigation are contingency based. In such cases I will not get paid unless you recover something.  However, not every case is contingency based.  You need an experienced and driven attorney to give you an honest accounting.  Contact me for a confidential initial consultation. 

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Q: Should I Sue?

The decision to bring a lawsuit is a serious one.  It entails a commitment of time and resources to a cause which you must be passionate about.  An experienced trial attorney and litigator will be able to explain the multitude of options available to you.  It is of extreme importance that you trust the attorney you chose to hire.  That trust allows the free flow of information which is crucial to the proper evaluation and maintenance of your potential case.

When asking yourself "should I sue?" also ask yourself "what do I want out of this?"  By starting the evaluation in this manner you can begin to answer the question of "should I sue."

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